It might be time for a little body work

It might be time for a little body work
Tim Hauserman

This winter we’ve seen some spectacular days of skiing through deep snow, and day upon day of less spectacular never ending shoveling so we can get to our car and ski. All that snow has been beautiful, but also exhausting. Which for many of us means, it’s time to get some body work done. And I don’t mean the kind on your car (although given the driving conditions, that is a possibility as well). Fortunately, Tahoe City is loaded with opportunities, to get your body worked on by professionals who will ease the pain of winter, and get you back out on the snow with a smile on your face.


As I write this I smell like citrus from the massage oil my massage therapist Lisa Goodman rubbed into my tired back, legs and shoulders yesterday. Lisa owns Massage on the Lake, which is located next to the New Moon health food store just down Highway 89 a half mile from Tahoe City. She has spent a lot of time over the years working out my skate skiing and bike riding caused kinks, but yesterday she noticed new places of tenseness in my back and shoulders. Several times I heard her say as I was tensing up…”Oh, yeah, that’s a shoveling spot right there.” Have you done too much shoveling? Reach out to Lisa she will do her best to loosen it up a bit.


While massage is a special treat, you can do more regular maintenance by attending one of the yoga classes at The Yoga Room, Tahoe. They are located just across the parking lot from Hauserman Rental Group in the Cobblestone. They have several classes each day, as well as a regular array of fun events. Yoga Room is also home base for monthly group Acupuncture Clinics with two acupuncturists who grew up in Tahoe City, Lauren Corda and Tyler Lapkin.


Another option is to hit up Dr. John Walsh at Sierra Sports Care and Chiropractic. John’s a life long Tahoe guy and former US Ski Team member who focuses on working on the aches and pains caused by us wanna be athletes. I’m not sure whether shoveling is a sport, but this year, it is certainly has been what we have been spending the most time doing.  Contact John at He also is located in The Cobblestone Center.