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Tahoe City: Big changes afoot!

(The new bridge earlier this summer) By Tim Hauserman  Two big changes to the look and feel of downtown Tahoe City are in the process of happening right now.  Tahoe City’s new bridge and roundabouts:  A multi-year effort to provide a second crossing of the Truckee River in Tahoe City is nearing completion of the […]

Tunnel Creek Cafe re-opens!

By Tim Hauserman  At the edge of Incline Village where the Ponderosa Ranch of Bonanza fame used to reside is the Tunnel Creek Cafe. It is situated right at the beginning of the instantly popular new East Shore Trail which travels from the cafe to Sand Harbor, as well as being the terminus of the […]

Help build North Tahoe’s amazing mountain bike trails!

By Tim Hauserman  North Lake Tahoe has an elaborate and inspiring network of hiking and mountain biking trails. And that network has been expanding, especially with new trails that are designed specifically for mountain biking. And guess what, those new trails do not appear by magic. They are built, mostly by volunteer labor, by the […]

It’s a pine drop and Yarrow summer!

by Tim Hauserman  While we are often treated to the same wildflowers and flowering plants year after year in the same location, other flowers seem to mostly disappear one year, and then come out in wild profusion the next year once the perfect amount of rain and snow appear the winter before. Two plants that […]

Truckee River Rafting is on again!

By Tim Hauserman  River Rafting from Tahoe City To River Ranch is on again! The flow from Lake Tahoe’s dam into the Truckee River increased to over 200 cubic feet per second on July 25th…the sweet spot allowing the commercial rafting companies to begin operating again. And a chance for me to repeat my annual […]

East Shore Trail an instant success!

By Tim Hauserman  The East Shore Trail opened between Tunnel Creek Cafe at the outskirts of Incline Village and Sand Harbor State Park at the end of June. The three mile trail for bikers, walkers and runners was a multi year, multi million dollar effort to create a unique pathway along the rocky and narrow […]

Getting away from the crowds

By Tim Hauserman  Lake Tahoe is a busy place in the summer. It makes sense, we have great weather,  beautiful mountains and sparkling alpine lakes, In July, especially after the winter we just had, the world around us is one big blaze of color from the wildflowers that are truly going wild. But the most […]

Squaw’s Bluesdays will make you happy!

By Tim Hauserman  On July 9th I made the very good decision to attend my first Bluesdays Tuesday of the summer at the Village at Squaw Valley. The only thing that made me unhappy was that I realized that I blew it by not getting there earlier. There is something about spending a Sierra evening […]

Tahoe XC in Summer: Mt biking and Explorers Camp!

By Tim Hauserman  Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area is well known for its extensive network of cross country ski trails in the winter. But it’s also a great place to head to in the summer. The Tahoe XC lodge becomes a mountain bike rental hub to explore all those great trails, and the ski area’s […]

Lake Tahoe sunset and full moon paddle

by Tim Hauserman  Those of us who love Lake Tahoe are always trying to come up with another way to immerse ourselves in the lake’s beauty. The folks at Tahoe Adventure Company have come up with a really good one: An evening kayak to catch the sunset over the lake, followed up by the rising […]