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Lake Tahoe rental management

Why Choose Hauserman Rental Group?

As the saying goes, “You never know how many friends you have until you have a house in Tahoe!” Do you own a home in our area? Are you thinking about buying one and you might want to rent it out? We are here to help. Rental management is a growing industry, but one that has always been popular in the Lake Tahoe area. Choosing a Lake Tahoe management company as your liaison to the public can be a simple choice when you consider Hauserman Rental Group. In the Tahoe rental management business since 1966, we are experienced and knowledgeable, but also progressive and always at the top of the Lake Tahoe rental market. We have highlighted some of the fundamentals of our management program below and hope to answer your basic questions.

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Customer-Centered Service and Care for Your Property

At Hauserman rental group, we want to give you peace of mind when caring for your rental property. We provide 24-hour phone assistance, an easy-to-use owner portal to manage all records and rental performance, housekeeping and maintenance, full-service accounting for monthly statements, direct deposits, and more. We take pride in optimized marketing and advertising to continuously increase our internet presence, dynamic pricing for rental bookings based on the rental market, a mobile-friendly website, and most importantly - exceptional customer service to our guests. 

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Lake Tahoe Rental Property Considerations

There are many things to consider when you decide to rent your Lake Tahoe home. If you are investigating rental possibilities while looking for that new home in the Sierras, an understanding of the rental process will be of considerable help. As a buyer, the primary motivation for you should be finding the property that really appeals to your desires and personal needs, and the rental potential should be considered secondary in making a buying decision.

To help explain the rental process, we have highlighted some of the questions asked most often by buyers and rental homeowners, based on years of experience as the leading rental office in this area. If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

Vacation Rental & Property Management FAQ's

In What Areas Does Hauserman Rental Group Manage Rental Properties?

We manage properties on the California side of Lake Tahoe, on the North & West Shores of Tahoe along with ski resort areas at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Should I Rent My Home Long-Term or Short-Term?

This depends on your plans for personal use and the location of your home. To define, long-term rentals allow the tenant(s) to live in the property full-time and pay monthly rent. The tenant also takes over utility bills for gas, electric, phone, cable, internet, trash, and hot tub service fees. Tenants are also responsible for their own snow removal. The homeowner pays for water, sewer, sewage treatment, and HOA dues. There is a huge demand for long-term rentals at Lake Tahoe, especially in the transitional seasons of spring and fall, but the short-term rental market can be very competitive also.

How About Ski Leases or Seasonal Rentals?

Keep in mind, we manage ski leases, seasonal rentals, monthly rentals, and cater to extended stays as well. A ski lease allows the tenant(s) to come and go as they please for the duration of the lease (3-6 months) while paying a monthly rent that covers phone, cable, internet, trash, water, sewer, sewage treatment, and HOA dues. Renters take over utility bills for gas, electric, hot tub if applicable, and pro-rated snow removal. They are also required to have both the house and carpets professionally cleaned if outlined as such in their lease. Inventory opens up for the season in August so you should contact us before then to make sure your home is available during peak renting time - August!  Any homes added to our ski lease inventory after September 30th may incur additional setup fees and please be aware, it can be very difficult finding renters this late in the season.

Occupancy rates vary from year to year, season to season. As you can imagine, economy and weather can have a large impact on short terms. monthly, and seasonal rentals.

What Amenities Are Most Requested?

The most requested rental amenities include a dog-friendly home with hot tub, and/or lake view. People demand BBQs and internet. They expect expanded cable TV in every bedroom. They want easy winter access, close proximity to ski areas, private pier and buoy in the summer, walking distance to the Lake and trails, quality furnishings, big comfortable beds, access to a swimming pool, tennis courts, pool tables, and private beaches. They, like you, want it all! And all homes on our program require welcome binders and instruction manuals to familiarize renters with their surroundings.

Does Location Matter If My Amenities Are Outstanding?

As is said, “location, location, location.” Location is certainly a determining factor in the rental potential of your home, even if you have outstanding amenities. Then again, where isn’t a great place to be in Tahoe?! Still, the closer to the Lake, the more desirable.

How Much Time Can I Expect My Home To Be Rented?

Many factors influence the potential rental income of your Tahoe property: availability, location, amenities, furnishings, weather and seasonal conditions, flexibility of the homeowner, economic trends and the nightly/monthly rental rate are among the most important. To optimize rental income, properties should be available for Hauserman Rental Group to rent during peak season and popular holidays. Since reservations can be made 24/7, availability is crucial.

What Fees Will You Charge For Managing My Home?

We require an initial setup fee, plus an annual marketing fee and commission from rental proceeds. Fees may be charged for additional services as outlined in your Management Agreement. For specifics, please contact a Hauserman rental specialist.