Dear Tahoe Visitors! Merry Christmas and welcome to North Tahoe!

Tim Hauserman

Thanks so much for coming to visit us here at North Lake Tahoe over the holidays. We feel we live in a pretty awesome spot and are happy to share it with the world. Hopefully we can get more snow while you are here so you can get the truly white Christmas experience.

Here are a few tips to make your Tahoe trip more enjoyable:

Please come shop with us here in Tahoe City. Our little Mom and Pop businesses really are small, solo proprietor enterprises. They are bursting with enthusiasm and creativity, and when you support them, you help out some great people who depend heavily on the folks who come to Tahoe to visit. And you keep our town vibrant so the next time you visit, those cool businesses will be here to get you what you need.

Be patient. From December 20 to January 4th is one of our busiest times of year. There are only so many restaurants and grocery stores in town so you might have to wait a bit. Sorry about that. We are doing our best. And be patient with us. We really want to help, but we are used to our quiet little sleepy town that is suddenly granted the gift of crowds. It takes us a few days to get used to it again.

Go ski…but try some other cool things while you are here. Take a stroll along the lake, or sit by it’s sparkly shore. Or if that isn’t enough to satisfy your Tahoe fix, drive around Lake Tahoe and get a gander from every angle (hint: drive clockwise to stay along the shoreline). Check out a museum (Gatekeepers right at the start of the Truckee River is a good one). Be adventurous and get up into the trees at the Tree Top Adventure Park at Granlibakken. Go snowshoeing. Go hiking. Go sport fishing for a monster trout. Stop by the Tahoe City Visitor Center. Go sleigh riding. Go dog sledding. Take a yoga class. Visit an art gallery. Go bowling. Go ice skating. Go tubing or sledding…whew, exhausted yet?

Once you’ve had enough. Relax by the fire. Get yourself a warm drink, gaze out at the pine trees and if you are lucky, enjoy a bit of snow.

And Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!