It’s the most wonderful place in the world

Tim Hauserman

While procrastinating on Facebook today…I mean researching for interesting story and blog ideas, I came upon a Buzzfeed Post that is a sight for the sore eyes of Tahoe lovers everywhere: It was entitled “34 places that are even better in the winter.” And guess which place that we all know and love happened to be number one, numero Uno, the big Cheese? Yep, our own Lake Tahoe.

There any many people who only experience Tahoe in the summer. For these happy folks Tahoe is all about hiking trails, sandy beaches and endless hours floating around on the lake, which is all good stuff. But perhaps this new found designation as the #1 “Even Better in the Winter” place is a good reminder, that if you have only been to Tahoe in the summer, you are missing out on the incredible beauty and majesty that is Tahoe in the winter.

Sure, there are many of us who think winter in Tahoe is all about sating our addiction to sliding around on snow. Which makes sense since Tahoe is one of the best places on earth to do that snow sliding. But it’s important to understand that even if you are not a skier, Tahoe is still a wonderful place to be in the winter. While the crowds are getting their jollies off downhill or cross-country skiing, the lake is just sitting there, winking at you with it’s deep, dark blue loveliness while the surrounding mountains are all spectacularly covered in a divine layer of whiteness…well, its just the prettiest darn thing you’ve ever seen.

While during the summer lots of folks are congregating along Tahoe’s shores enjoying what the lake has to offer, in the winter, you can marvel at her majesty all by yourself. Begin with a beautiful blue sky day, put on a passel of warm clothing, find a nice quiet spot along the lakeshore, bring along a hot toddy or two, and you will find your winter at Lake Tahoe bliss. It’s not to be missed.