Last Minute Summer Activities Before it’s Back to School

Tim Hauserman

With summer winding down and the beautiful Lake Tahoe sun still shining, families should be jumping for joy with all of the amazing activities that will entertain restless kids until school starts. Whether on a last minute vacation for a few days or in town for the rest of the summer, finding fun things to do in Lake Tahoe to distract antsy children can be necessary for sanity. With all of the pristine forest and sparkling bodies of water in Tahoe, why not take this time to strap on the hiking boots and get outside? The kids will love it and with all of the adventuring, parents will be sure to sleep like babies at night!

Dust off those Fishing Poles

There is nothing better than getting out there in nature, casting a line, and spending some time with little fishermen (and women!)-to-be. The Sawmill Pond in South Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for kids to try their luck at fishing, while parents sit back and watch the show.

This fishing spot is designed for kids only, so while parents can help, only fishermen and women younger than 15 can reel em’ in! The pond is stocked during the summer, so patience is rewarded and kids will feel the success with the fish biting. Pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine while the little ones try their hand at catching dinner.

Lace up the Hiking Boots

The beauty of Lake Tahoe begs for some outdoor time, and kids will love feeling like mountaineers while romping through family friendly trails. The Spooner Lake Trail, located on the northeast shore, is a 2.1 mile loop that is well maintained and perfect for a family hike.

The trail is not difficult, so grab the kids and bring those hiking sticks! Enjoy a day exploring this incredible area with a light and easy stroll that is perfect for visitors traveling with the whole pack. Make it fun and see who can spot the most birds on this wonderful loop trail.

Let Out the Sails

Summertime in Lake Tahoe isn’t complete without spending some time out on the lake. Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy the water with a rented sailboat. Bring little captains and see faces light up with the joy of sailing! If you would rather not risk capsizing, renting a powerboat is another fun option. Get the kids out on a tube and watch as they fly through the sky behind you. Taking the kids out on the lake is always a great outdoor activity and will have everybody telling stories for days to come.

Bike Around the Lake

Ditch those car keys and take a spin on a bike! With many rental options around Lake Tahoe, renting a bike with the kids is a hassle-free way to spend the day. Rent a tandem bike on a sunny day and feel carefree. Plus kids will love tandem biking with mom or dad!

With many options for biking trails around Lake Tahoe, kids will find endless exploring and get an exercise at the same time. Whether you and your family are mountain biking pros, or would just like a fun ride around town, renting a bike is always a perfect way to explore the area. If you are traveling to Lake Tahoe with kids, adventuring around the area on two wheels is a must-do.

Lindsey Skinner, the editor of, has the complete know-how when it comes to planning a vacation in Lake Tahoe. She loves outdoor activities, cooking, and playing in the summer sun!