Listen to some Tunes

Tim Hauserman

Summertime in Tahoe City means lots of things…getting out on the lake, getting into the lake, getting into the woods, and getting into the music at the Concerts on The Commons.

Every summer Sunday afternoon The Commons Beach, in the heart of the Tahoe City, is the place to be. Join hundreds of happy folks picnicking on the lawn, playing in the sand, or dancing next to the stage while listening to some great music and marveling at the soft light of a Tahoe early evening. Once or twice a year I like to head down in my kayak to gently float close to shore and watch the spectacle. If you forgot your picnic supplies, no worries several vendors are there to sell you what you need. Or before the show you can pick up a bottle of some fine vino from Uncorked across the street in The Cobblestone, then head to Tahoe Mountain Brewery afterwards for dinner.

Here are the concerts scheduled for the first month. For more information on the concerts, or for all things Tahoe City, go to the Tahoe City Downtown Association website at

All concerts begin at 4 pm unless otherwise indicated.

June 22-Afrolicious

June 29-Peter Joseph Burtt and Kingtide is one act with an interesting name, and the other is Jellybread. This event starts at 3 pm, because there will also be a Paddle, Peddle and Putt on the beach and golf course sponsored by the Tahoe City Golf Course.

July 6-Turkuaz

July 13-Mingo Fishtrap.

July 20-Lego and Friends

July 27-Leche De Tigre (At this concert there will also be an Environmental Expo).