River Rafting The Truckee River

River Rafting
Tim Hauserman

The Truckee River is open for river rafting, and as always, it is a spectacular float, but like everything else in 2020…things are run a little different. Due to regulations regarding Covid-19 the two major rafting companies are doing the following:

Reduced boats on the water by 50%

Reduced capacity of the bus shuttle back to the start by 50%

Advance reservations are required.

Six feet physical distancing between all parties is required. In the shop area and on the bus, masks are highly recommended. 

Regular and frequent cleaning of all rafts, life jackets, paddles, bus and commonly touched services at check in location. 

No congregating at parking lot or check in areas. 


The good news is that once you are out on the water, floating down the Truckee should remain a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Watching the world slowly roll on by on a raft is just the stress reliever most of us could use these days. Be sure and take frequent dips into the water as you go and keep your distance from the other boats.


For a rafting reservation go to truckeeriverrafting.com or call 530-583-1111


Steps to stay Safe and Open at Lake Tahoe


As it usually is around 4th of July, Tahoe is a busy place these days. But now with cases of Covid-19 spiking since the nation opened up to business, there is a lot of concern for the health and economy of the region. Can you please do your part to reduce the spread of the virus by:


Maintaining social distance of at least six feet everywhere and from everyone who is not a part of your family. The lack of social distancing might be the biggest concern for the spread of the virus in our area, as groups of friends who have been dying to get together feel that their friends couldn’t possibly have the virus. Well, unfortunately, they can. Now is the time to focus on enjoying the beauty of Tahoe more than on visiting with friends. 


Wear a mask in all indoor public locations. You will reduce the chances of both getting the virus yourself, and passing it on to others. 


Wash or sanitize your hands frequently, especially both before and after entering a public establishment.