Secret Beach Hideaways

Secret Beach Hideaways
Tim Hauserman

Lake Tahoe has it’s famous and glitzy beaches of course. It’s hard to beat the silky sand, luscious green meets blue water, and giant boulders that you will find at Sand Harbor, or DL Bliss State Park. But Tahoe also has a number of hidden in plain sight beach gems, that many drive right by without seeing. Places where you can be on the beach a minute after you park your car. These are the kind of beaches the locals stop by for a quick after school romp with the kids, or quiet and relaxing sunset BBQ. Just between Tahoe Vista and the Nevada State Line, you will find, or perhaps you will not find, a series of unassuming little access points to long, lovely bits of sand. Seek out these bits of sandy bliss:

Sandy Beach-Tucked away amidst the hotels on the long straightaway in Tahoe Vista, is a blank patch of green. A quick walk brings you to a wide, smooth beach that’s perfect for a stroll.

Tahoe Vista Recreation Area/National Avenue Beach-Head for the lake at the stoplight to find a boat launch, patio area and restrooms above a lovely beach.

Moondunes Beach-Just the name sounds relaxing. Find the narrow pathway to this beach across the highway from the Tahoe Vista pond.

North Tahoe Beach-Parking, restrooms, volleyball and lawn lead you to the sand. It doesn’t get much better then this. Located directly across the street from the Kings Beach Safeway.

Secline Beach-How hidden in plain sight is this beach? I’ve lived in Tahoe my whole life and it wasn’t until I was staring off into space while filling up my gas tank that I noticed a small sign pointing to Secline Beach. Turn down this nondescript lane and find picnic benches and a relaxing ambiance above the sand. From here you can access the mile long beach which spans the width of all of Kings Beach.

Speedboat (Bucks Beach)
Bucks Beach sits in a neighborhood with limited parking, so perhaps the best way to get there is by kayak, but however you get there, this tiny bit of perfect sand and photogenic piles of granite boulders is well worth the trip.