Ski Lease: Have your own place this winter

Ski Lease Have your own place this winter
Tim Hauserman

Back in the dark ages when I was a young whippersnapper, I used to work for Hauserman Rental Group and one of my primary tasks in the fall was showing ski leases to potential prospects. I thought then and still believe now, that the ski lease is an awesome invention and perfectly designed to give a group of Bay Area or valley friends a place to stay for the ski season with the minimum of hassle.


Ski Leases are 4-6 month rentals leased by a group of friends or coworkers who share a house for the season. The houses are usually furnished and equipped to accommodate large groups of people, and are often located close to ski areas. Prices are somewhat dictated by how far the house is from skiing. The homes are available in a variety of sizes so you should be able to find one that fits the size and budget of your group.


There are several big advantages to leasing a ski lease as opposed to renting as you go. You can bring all your winter gear up to Tahoe at the beginning of the season and leave it there for the entire season, instead of having to haul it back and forth every time you come up to ski. You have a home base of operations and will get to know the neighbors and the highlights of the community around you. Once the ski lease is arranged, and paid for, you are set and will not have to keep getting online to find accommodations. You can then just relax and enjoy the winter, which we are darn tooting hoping will be a big one providing us with copious quantities of snow.


Hauserman Rental Group has more then 30 ski leases on the program, and they are beginning showings right about NOW. Like many things in life, the best ones go first, so you may want to mova la butta in this general direction. Get your group together and find your winter home at