Snowfest 2019 Part Two

Snowfest 2019 Part Two
Tim Hauserman

Just before the start of Snowfest on March 3rd I posted about the long time history and traditions of this North Lake Tahoe event. Now with Snowfest over I thought I could talk about a few of the events that I experienced last week.


The first event I attended on the opening night of Snowfest was the fireworks show at the Tahoe City Winter Sports Park. A group of long time friends who had been attending Snowfest for over 30 years met for soup before the fireworks then made our way to the top of the sled hill at the Sports Park. The show far exceeded our expectations. Not only were the fireworks as impressive as what you might see on 4th of July, but watching each explosion light up the wide expanse of snow covered golf course added another level to the experience.


The next morning we met on a snowy Saturday morning for the Tahoe City Parade. The sloppy snow mostly let up in time for the event which included what seems like every fire truck and police car in the area, a ton of happy kids, and the infamous Kiwanis shovel brigade. Of course a highlight of the parade was the Hauserman Rental Group entry, kings and queens of winter, with the rental group staffers looking ethereal all dressed in white. 


After the parade the Cobblestone parking lot was home to the Tahoe Art Haus Brew Fest where brats and brews were served. It was a good time to unwind and commensurate together about our will it ever stop snowing adventures.


The next day I skied at Tahoe Cross Country Ski area about an hour after the start of the Great Ski Race. It was a challenging day with wet sloppy snow and slow skiing conditions. I caught up to some of the skiers in the back about 8 kilometers into their 30 K adventure and they were tired, but still undaunted. By the time I got back to my car I was soaking wet, but every day of skiing is a good one.


The following Saturday was time for the Kings Beach Snowfest Parade. This one matches the fun of its community with a pirate ship float loaded with pirates, an old farm float, and a big crowd of kids marching with the Boys and Girls Club. Also, there was the beloved Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team showing off their newest snowcat, designed to bring lost skiers back to safety.


Snowfest: An excuse to gather friends together, and a great chance for both locals and visitors to appreciate that Tahoe is not just about snow, but community. See you next year!