Book Direct & Save With Hauserman Rental Group

Simply put, when you book your Lake Tahoe vacation directly with Hauserman you are SAVING! No middle man which means NO additional booking fees. You can book with confidence that you are getting the best deal on your Tahoe vacation rental!


You also have access to our reservation specialists who all live in North Lake Tahoe, know the ins and outs of town and have been to and are familiar with all of the properties we manage.


Winter Leases are 4-6 month rentals leased by a group of friends or coworkers who share a house for the season. The houses are usually furnished and equipped to accommodate large groups of people and are often located close to ski areas. The homes are available in a variety of sizes so you should be able to find one that fits the size and budget of your group.

There are several big advantages to renting a ski lease as opposed to renting as you go.

  • You can bring all your winter gear up to Tahoe at the beginning of the season and leave it there for the entire season, instead of having to haul it back and forth every time you come up to ski.
  • You have a home base of operations and will get to know the neighbors and the highlights of the community around you.
  • Once the winter lease is arranged and paid for, you are set and will not have to keep getting online to find accommodations.
  • The best part? You can save a lot of money if you plan to ski often and divide the rental between a group of friends!

Hauserman Rental Group has more than 30 Lake Tahoe winter leases on the program. Like many things in life, the best ones go first, so you may want to mova la butta in this general direction. Get your group together and find your winter home for next season before it gets scooped up!



Similar to the winter leases, we also offer Seasonal Lake Tahoe Leases. You can enjoy Tahoe for a season by taking advantage of Hauserman Rental Group’s Extended Stay program. We have a handful of homes and condominiums near North Lake Tahoe available for seasonal long term rentals that are shorter than a year but longer than a typical vacation rental stay.

If you want to get out to the lake a lot this Spring, Summer or Fall, check out our extended stay Lake Tahoe rental specials to save!