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20 Jun 2016
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Cobblestone 50th Anniversary in North Lake Tahoe

Fifty years goes by fast!

This Saturday, June 25th, The Cobblestone shopping center is celebrating 50 years with a party! Come on down to the Cobblestone Parking lot between 1 and 5 pm to enjoy wine, beer, food, fun and games and, if you are so inclined, dig up your best 60s attire to add that special touch to the festivities.

It’s pretty hard to confront the reality that 50 years have passed since my parents Dan and Joan Hauserman started building The Cobblestone. It was born from the idea that since the 1960 Olympics had turned Tahoe City into a year round community that the opportunity to build a commercial shopping center in the center of town was now a viable opportunity. And of course it came from Mom’s realization that if she loved to shop but was sick of having to go to Reno, other people must feel the same way. While the first building went up in 1966, it would take another seven years until the Tudor Arcade at the back of the property would complete the original Cobblestone. Along the way they added a theater, a restaurant and a Clocktower to complete the theme of a European style village across the street from the world’s most beautiful lake.

In the 50 years, a lot of businesses and people have come and gone, but in many ways The Cobblestone is more vibrant then ever. We have the unique Art Haus Cinema, Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company and Uncorked Wine for food and entertainment. There is an eclectic and entertaining group of shops providing a wide range of unique gifts and necessities. And a bunch of businesses who help locals and visitors alike to stretch, dance and ride while looking their best.

Come to the celebration on June 25th to celebrate The Cobblestone.