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17 Sep 2020
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Summer in Tahoe
East Shore Mural
East Shore Mural

A stroll along the East Shore Trail between Incline Village and Sand Harbor has always provided a spectacular view and access to several beautiful beaches. But now, it has two other things going for it. First, in the summer, this trail is super busy, as in, better get there early or you will not get a parking spot busy. But now the crowds have dwindled to the point that you can find parking and feel more comfortable while you walk or ride. Second, a stunning mural was recently painted inside the tunnel which brings trail users from the mountain side to the lake side of Highway 28.

The mural was created by Frida Ticehurst-Rivenbark and her husband Tyler Rivenbark who won a competition against 34 other artists for the opportunity to create this master work. The mural covers both walls as well as the ceiling in the tunnel. It features whimsical day and night scenes with both the moon and the sun as centerpieces. The colors are bright and vibrant and will remind viewers of the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

The tunnel is a bit over one mile from the paid parking lots at Tunnel Creek Station. It starts out level, then climbs to views of Incline Village lakefront homes, before descending to the tunnel. But don’t turn around yet, the best part of the trail is coming up, with about two miles of level trail right above the shore of Lake Tahoe’s rocky shoreline. Enjoy!