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21 Aug 2017
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Summer in Tahoe
A Home for Honey and Buddy

While Lake Tahoe is best known as a spectacularly beautiful place full of outdoor recreational possibilities, it is important to remember it is also a place where caring people do great things not only for each other, but for pets. One example is Incline Village’s Pet Network which is trying to find a home for a unique pair of dogs that has come under their care.

Confiscated from a tough home life, Honey is a 14 year old Dachshund who is blind. But Honey is Ok, because she has Buddy, a 4 year old German Sheperd/Pyrenees mix. Buddy acts like Honey’s service dog, showing her where the food is located, introducing her to strangers, and pushing Honey’s bed to her so she can lie down. Buddy is a true buddy, always keeping Honey in view.

“Buddy really is her eyes,” said Heidi Todd, Pet Network’s Shelter Manager. “He allows her to meet people, experience her environment, and enjoy playtime with toys. He really does care about her. He’s her real life guardian angel.”

The Pet Network is looking for the perfect home for these two who need to be adopted together, and the sooner the better since the dogs have been at the shelter for over two months. Someone special is sure to come along and take these two friends into their home. If you think you might be that someone special, call the Pet Network at 775-832-4404. If these dogs are not for you, there are also other cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that would love to come home with you and become a loving addition to your family. Go to