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17 Sep 2013
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Fall in Tahoe

Yes, it is. After a summer of hard training, hundreds of folks will attempt the seemingly impossible, by competing in the Lake Tahoe Ironman this Sunday, September 23rd. Included amongst all those super athletes will be a few super Tahoe folks giving there all. Including a trio of amazing mothers of young children I profiled in an article in the North Tahoe Weekly. Take a look.

So what does the Ironman mean to the Tahoe Visitor or resident?
It means an opportunity to witness some incredible, world class athletes doing their best. So find yourself a prime spot and enjoy the spectacle.

It also means road closures, rerouting and a few other issues that must be taken into consideration. Here are the biggies:

Highway 89 Northbound from Fairway Drive in Tahoe City to Squaw Valley Road, will be closed from 7 am to 5:30 PM.
Highway 267 Southbound, from Northstar Blvd. to Kingswood Drive above Kings Beach, will be closed from 7:30 am to 4:00 PM.

Thus during that time period if you want to get from Tahoe City to Truckee, you need to go via Kings Beach. If you want to get from Truckee to Kings Beach, you need to drive to Tahoe City and then go over to Kings Beach.

If you forget all this, or need information on where is the best places to watch the show, you can go to