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13 Sep 2015
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Ironman in North Lake Tahoe

Here it comes folks! Sunday, September 20th. Ironman Lake Tahoe.

For all the athletes coming to Lake Tahoe to participate in Ironman Lake Tahoe: Welcome! We are glad you are here and hope you have an awesome race experience. And once the sweat and pain and joy or completed, stay awhile and enjoy all the fun stuff that Tahoe has to offer. Perhaps you could even relax and spend a day or two not training.


What is Ironman:

The race begins with a early morning 2.4 mile swim in the chilly waters of Lake Tahoe off the shore of Kings Beach. Next is a 112 mile bike ride which includes having to climb over the grueling Brockway Summit, twice. Then finally, you need to run a marathon. 26.2 miles along the Truckee River. The very challenging bike course and the high altitude of the event make Ironman Lake Tahoe one of the hardest of all the Ironman’s throughout the world.

Who will do it:

Several thousand athletes will compete in the full version, with a 1/2 Ironman also attracting a substantial crowd. Most of the athletes have been training for years to reach this pinnacle of athletic prowess. In addition to athletes from around the world, there is a smattering of local folks taking on the challenge who will be cheered on joyfully by their local fans.

Where do I watch it:

Pick up a copy of the Sierra Sun or North Tahoe Weekly for information on where to see the racers, traffic restrictions and road closures. The swim is in Kings Beach. The bike goes from Kings Beach to Tahoe City to Truckee and back to Kings Beach on a Triangle loop that is repeated twice. The run starts in Squaw Valley and follows the Truckee River bike trail to Tahoe City, then goes back to Squaw, then heads back out on the bike trail for another half lap.


One of the best ways to see the event is to volunteer to help the athletes.

Use this link to get the details on volunteering. You can also contact a local service organization such as Tahoe Cross-Country Ski Area who organizes volunteers and benefits based on the number of volunteers they recruit.