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4 Oct 2013
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Fall in Tahoe

With October sitting smack dab between the busy rafting season, and the whoops of folks carving turns in the white stuff, we think of it as off-season. But that’s not a bad thing. While it might snow and rain one day, the next brings those impossibly clear skies that make it look like the other side of the lake is just a stone’s throw away. After spending time staring in wonder at the lake, the thing to do in October is to enjoy the fall colors. Find your favorite clump of aspens along a river, creek or edge of a meadow and you are sure to pump out a few oohs and ahhs.

Once you’ve seen the colors, the October calendar is also packed full of musical and community events. If you are not already here, make plans to come on up and join in. The latest events can be found at Here’s a few fun choices:

October 10, Sir Ken Robinson, Squaw Valley Institute. Robinson, who presented one of the most popular TED talks ever, will speak on how to build creativity into the classroom. Go to for tickets and information.

October 11-13 Epic Mountain Bike Race Series, Northstar. This is a 3-day multi-stage mountain bike race on the slopes of Northstar. Racers compete in teams of two and must start and finish together. It’s a 100 mile race, but don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all at once.

October 12-Tahoe City Grill Fest, Sponsored by the Tahoe City Downtown Association. It’s a tough job, you have to taste and vote for your BBQ favorites as they compete along the lakeshore in Tahoe City.

October 12-Urban Iditarod, A fun and quirky event where instead of dogs pulling sleds, its humans pulling sleds (with shopping carts on them). There will be costumes, contests and food drives.

October 19, Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch, Tahoe City Parks and Recreation Department.

October 26th. The 28th Annual Auction and Raffle Party for Far West Nordic Ski Association. Great food and prizes at this popular fundraiser for the Far West Nordic Team. Truckee Community Recreation Center,

October 31st, Tahoe City Trick or Treat. A family oriented way to spend the creepy holiday in downtown Tahoe City.