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17 Oct 2015
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Fall in Tahoe
Rain Rain Beautiful Stuff in North Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is usually treated to copious quantities of snow in the winter, and little in the way of precipitation the rest of the year. We do love being able to count on all those blue sky days to paddle board or bike ride, but rain is also a rare and special treat. Especially now with the severe drought conditions and high fire danger that we have been facing in California. A drencher, like what is battering my roof as I write this, gives Tahoe folks a collective sigh of relief that we are making a dent in the drought, and hopefully will now be safe from forest fires until spring.

Just like the first snow storm of the year, a good rain sets everybody in Tahoe alive on social media. After a few months when all that we had to say to each other was: “It’s another beautiful day today,” all of the weather hounds are alive with new interest.

Get a few Tahoeites together today and the conversation will immediately turn to: How much rain will we get? Will this mean we will get a big winter this year? Because let’s face it, it’s really all about the winter.

This fall most Tahoe folks have visions for the winter of monster El Nino’s with low snow levels dancing in their heads. But now, the gentle pitter patter of a steady rain on the roof is a sound of beauty. It gives you a new appreciation for the simple joy of having a roof over your head, and a chance to cozy up to a warm fire or a computer, slow down and enjoy the smell of the fresh rain.

Tomorrow, when the rain has stopped and the puddles have drained away, we will emerge from our cocoons, grab our mountain bikes and hit the trail, because the brown pow is going to be off the charts.