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27 May 2021
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Bike Etiquette in North Lake Tahoe

The area within the Tahoe City Public Utility District boundaries is blessed with a great system of separated bike trails. Northwest of Tahoe City the trail reaches to Dollar Point, and then heads into the forest for a two mile jaunt through natural surroundings. The West Shore trail follows the lakeshore for ten miles from Tahoe City to Meeks Bay. And the most popular trail  starts at Fanny Bridge, just below the Truckee River Dam, and follows the river to the entrance of Squaw Valley.

While the bike trails provide walkers and bikers convenient access to Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River, the trails were designed and originally constructed decades ago when Tahoe was a less busy place. In comparison with many city bike lanes, they are narrow trails, and at certain times (weekends and summer) they can be quite busy. The busiest trail is Tahoe City to Squaw.

That’s Ok, you can still enjoy the trail, and do you part to make the experience enjoyable for others by:

Ride or walk on the right side, pass on the left.

Before passing alert folks that you are passing, by saying, “On your left” in a pleasant voice that will not scare the beejeebies out of whomever you are passing.  When you are walking on the trail, be aware that people will be passing you, so try to not go into lala land and pay attention so you will not jump six feet when you hear someone say, “On your left.”

If walking with someone else stay super cuddly together on one side of the trail or walk single file. Taking over the entire trail is a no-no as bikes come along pretty fast and you need for them to have a place to go by.

Speaking of bikes going fast. Speed limit is 15 mph and there are times you wish you could go that fast. Riders, be careful out there, watch out for kids and hounds. If you like to ride faster, ride early or late in the day, or use the road where there are bike lanes.

If you have children or pets. Keep them under control so they don’t go wandering off onto oncoming traffic. Dogs need to be on short leashes as the long ones will entangle a biker and send them off to the hospital. No bueno.

Parking is available at the 64 Acres Parking lot in Tahoe City. From there, all three trails can be accessed.

Watch out for rafters along the Truckee River once rafting season begins. This is especially an issue at the take out spot at the River Ranch which can be congestion city.

Finally, be kind and courteous out there. Everyone is just trying to get outside and enjoy the Sierra. Be respectful of the desires of others.