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27 Sep 2013
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Fall in Tahoe

Ah, the fall at Lake Tahoe. This past weekend we had a light dusting of snow on Saturday, followed by the excitement of Ironman on a beautiful blue sky day on Sunday. Now, as I write this it’s one of those beautiful quiet Monday’s where you could sit along the lakeshore and feel like you are in the wilderness.

The lack of summer crowds make the fall a great time for peaceful contemplation of the awesome beauty of our special place. But if you know where to look, there is also a lot going on in October. For example, take the weekend of October 5th and 6th.

Cobblestone Oktoberfest
On October 5th, our Bavarian style shopping center lives up to it’s heritage and becomes home of the Cobblestone Oktoberfest. Between 1 and 4 pm come on down for thirst quenching brats and delicious beers-or is that the other way around? There will be a live band, classic games such as bobbing for apples, and a lively outdoor social event for all underneath the Clocktower.

Fall Fish Festival
Then on October 6th, between 10 and 4 you can be part of what they are now calling the Fall Fish Festival (formerly known as the Kokanee Festival) three miles north of South Lake Tahoe on Highway 89 at Taylor Creek. When the Kokanee spawn in the fall, little Taylor Creek becomes filled to the brim with flashes of bright red fish, desperate to get upstream and pass on their genes. The result is a spectacular natural wonder for us, and lots of delicious salmon for the local bear and raccoon population. The Festival includes a treasure hunt, fish painting, fish mascots and most importantly as far as I am concerned, an ice cream truck. Along the creek, there will be Forest Service biologists giving you the scoop on the spawning process. If instead of the fun of a festival, you would prefer quiet enjoyment of the spawn, you can visit Taylor Creek anytime over the next few weeks and check out the fish. Enjoy.