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15 Jun 2015
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Tahoe Cabin in North Lake Tahoe

What do you think of when you hear the phrase Lake Tahoe cabin?

For many second-home owners, cabin is just another name for their house in Tahoe, no matter whether it is a luxurious palatial home on the edge of the lake, or a teensy-weensy rustic shack tucked into the deep dark woods. But I think of a cabin as a place which takes you back in time, to when being at the lake meant: wood floors, pecky cedar walls, shiplap siding, and a rock fireplace. A place where the family gathered next to the crackling flames and played games or attempted to put together that puzzle which is missing seven pieces.

There is no exact definition for what you should find in a Tahoe cabin. In some ways it is more of a feeling then a structural type, but the phrases that should come to mind are rustic and charming, and loaded with character. When you are sitting in the living room of a cabin, you should get a bit of woodsy smell and feel that you are in some place different then your nice home in the city. You should develop a hankering for making smores and taking slow walks in the woods. Cozying up under a comforter and reading a book sounds like a particularly legitimate way to spend an evening in a Tahoe cabin. Of course it feels even better to be lazing around the cabin when you spent the day exhausting yourself playing at the lake.

Your Tahoe Cabin should come with stillness and a feeling of being in tune with nature. It should be a rare opportunity for you to find a state of peace and relaxation that you won’t find in a modern home with big screen TV and bathrooms the size of your first apartment after college. Not that there is anything wrong with basking in a luxurious abode, it is an equally fun way to enjoy Tahoe, it just doesn’t have the same ambiance as being in a cabin.

Cabins have an intimacy, and an immediacy that you can’t find in the modern home. Find yourself in a cabin when it is time to get away from it all, and in so doing, hopefully finding yourself and the people that surround you.