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2 Jul 2013
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Summer in Tahoe

It sneaks up on us Tahoe locals. We are just barely coming to the realization that it is summer when it is Fourth of July, and crowds of folks head to Tahoe to escape the 1000 degree temperatures in the valley…Ok, 100 degrees, but for a mountain boy like me it sure feels like 1000, and a quick dip in our crisp cool lake is just what the doctor ordered.

So what to do over the 4th?

Beach it-Tahoe’s beaches have a wonderful festive air on the 4th of July. The popular state park beaches like Sand Harbor and Bliss while exceptionally beautiful, tend to fill up early and it’s a bummer to drive all the way to one and not be able to park. So find a place closer to your cabin, and enjoy the lake. I can assure you that any beach that is located on the lake, will be looking at the same lake.

Raft it-A few years ago after an excess amount of drunken shenanigans on the Truckee River, the powers that be passed an alcohol ban for rafters around the 4th of July. This year it’s in effect from July 1st to the 7th. Which means take the family, have a beautiful float, save the drinks for later, and enjoy the happy crowd. Perhaps a burger at River Ranch would be just the 4th of July treat you deserve.

Hike it-While some hiking trails, like the Rubicon Trail between Bliss State Park and Emerald Bay, are bound to be crowded on the 4th of July, it’s actually a good day to hike because most folks are doing the BBQ, on the lake, hanging with friends at the cabin thing. I once hiked a 23 mile segment of the Tahoe Rim Trail on the 4th of July and didn’t see anyone until the last few miles. Try the Tahoe Rim Trail from Barker Pass to Twin Peaks, or the Tahoe Rim Trail out of Tahoe City.

Bike it-The bike trail between Tahoe City and Squaw Valley might be slightly zoo like, but mountain biking out of Tahoe City or Burton Creek State Park shouldn’t be too busy. Or just use your bike as your means of transportation and keep one more car off the road.

Firework it- Don’t miss one of our Fireworks Displays. Kings Beach on July 3rd, Tahoe City on July 4th. Get there early, and don’t plan on leaving until well after the show, as it usually takes an hour or more for traffic to clear out. Better yet, walk to the event, and bring your head lamp for a lovely walk back home.