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28 Apr 2021
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Take The Travel Responsibility Pledge in North Lake Tahoe

On Earth Day, the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association unveiled a Traveler Responsibility Pledge in an effort to educate visitors on the importance of taking care of Lake Tahoe. It consists of six tenets that according to the resort association “outline actions we can do to immediately reduce our travel related impacts.”

These tenants include:


Explore Tahoe responsibly and leave it better than you found it. Lend a hand during a community clean up effort. Use public transportation. Support small businesses to help keep our communities strong.


Do your part to preserve North Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty. Make sure to leave no trace by packing out what you brought in. Dispose of trash in designated receptacles (and if you can’t find any that are not full, keep trash with you until you find one), stay on trails so you don’t disturb the landscape and be mindful of your actions (and your pets!) to reduce your ecological footprint. Say no to plastic and bring your own reusable water bottle (and utensils!). Tahoe tap is the best way to stay hydrated.


Check weather conditions ahead of your visit and prepare in advance for outdoor experiences you plan to partake in to stay safe. In other words, bring the right clothing and understand conditions change rapidly in the mountains. Sign up for county and state text alerts and stay connected to travel advisories and emergency updates while you’re here.


Observe wildlife from a respectful distance to ensure their safety (and yours) and never feed wildlife (this includes both birds and bears). Feeding wildlife can be as direct as offering a bit of your lunch, to leaving your food or garbage exposed for animals to find. Once a wild animal becomes food-conditioned it loses its natural fear of people and public places.


Consult fire restrictions before lighting a campfire or starting a grill and know the permitting rules ahead of burning anything outdoors. Fireworks are not permitted in the Lake Tahoe Basin and when cooking outdoors, plan on propane or gas. Please maintain your vigilance and be prepared to evacuate in the event of an emergency. Sign up for county and state text alerts and stay connected to travel advisories and emergency updates while you’re here.


Kindness goes a long way in our community. Locally owned businesses appreciate your patience and commitment to following health and safety protocols in their establishments. If an outdoor area looks too crowded, move on and explore a new location. Speak kindly to people you encounter on public lands and remember to be a good neighbor by keeping noise down and parking only in designated areas. If you aren’t feeling well, please stay home. Travel with awareness and observe the impact of your actions – it takes all of us working together to create a healthy and positive Tahoe experience.

To find out more information or make your pledge, go to