Visitor's Guide

Things To Do In Lake Tahoe

Visitor’s Guide To Tahoe Activities & Attractions


There are so many fun annual events and things to do when you visit Tahoe on your next trip! Whether you come in the summer or the winter we know that you won’t ever tire of the variety of fun things to do in Lake Tahoe. From summertime beach lounging to wintertime shredding on the slopes, check out all the activities and local sights to be seen and enjoyed below. For a quieter experience, experience Tahoe in the spring or fall!


If you need personal assistance with you your vacation planning don’t hesitate to contact us directly, we can’t wait to meet you and make you Tahoe vacation dream come true!


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Best Lake Tahoe Summer Activities


Come enjoy all that Lake Tahoe offers during the warm summer months. With near perfect temperatures and the mountain air to keep you cool, Tahoe is the perfect summertime destination. Whether you come for a week or the whole summer we can keep you busy with everything that there is to do, from horseback riding to lounging on the beach!


Start planning your Tahoe summer activities in and around the lake today, and when you are done envisioning your vacation and all the fun things to do, browse and book a vacation rental with Hauserman Rental Group!




Best Lake Tahoe Winter Activities


Although summer is probably our most popular season, winter is what we have really built a reputation for! In the high Sierras surrounding Lake Tahoe, there are endless winter activities to be enjoyed. Of course, our mountains are most famous for skiing and snowboarding, but there are lots of other adventures to be had amongst our beautiful snow-capped scenery. From snowshoeing to exploring the mountain villages there is something for everyone to enjoy, while you vacation in Tahoe. Once all your winter fun is planned, book your vacation rental, we are sure to have just what you are looking for!



Lake Tahoe Dining & Entertainment


Year round Lake Tahoe offers delicious dining and exciting entertainment options that you can enjoy after you tire of all the other activities and attractions that the mountains and the lake have to offer!


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Tahoe Vacation Resources


A lot goes into planning a trip, use the resources below to help you cover all your bases as you prepare to visit Lake Tahoe. From what weather to expect to local goings on to anticipate we are your one stop shop for Tahoe vacation planning!


  • Lake Tahoe Weather - Stay in the know about the local weather during your trip
  • North Lake Tahoe Local Information - Local area information, stats, and events
  • Tahoe City Parks and Recreation Department - Check out all the activities available for all ages offer through the town