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Russ Baruh

Position: Hauserman Rental Group Co-Owner
Title: Broker
Phone: 530-583-5581

There are many ways to look at all Lake Tahoe has to offer—all of them thrilling. And that’s exactly how Russ Baruh views this majestic corner of the Sierras.

Russ slows to a stop and removes his goggles, looking down he sees the wide expanse of Lake Tahoe below him. It’s lunchtime—Tahoe style—and he is making a run down the slope in a wintertime ritual that he wouldn’t trade for the world. With every path he carves in the fresh snow he remembers his first journey down this mountain—an unforgettable series of spectacular spills—as his father took him down the slopes prior to the 1960 Olympics.

And though his journey down the mountain has ended he is thankful—not just because he has completed the run without the aid of a stretcher—but because he knows there is more—much more to the Tahoe lifestyle that he loves so much. Life seems to have come a full circle as he spends time with his family in Tahoe, fishing from a small pier that extends from the lake’s shoreline, or guiding his children down the same slopes first introduced to him by his father. “Being here reminds you everyday what life is all about,” he says. “It’s like a dream, being able to live and raise a family here—you wonder if you’re going to wake up, but then you stand on Eagle Rock and look down over the lake and the snow-capped eastern slope and know this is no dream.”

For someone so in love with the community and natural surroundings, it’s no surprise that he would make a career out of his love for the Tahoe area. As one of the area’s leading real estate professionals, Russ’ views on this great lifestyle as well as his unique perspective on its  market is helping his clients fulfill their dreams in this exclusive area. Listening to his clients and their needs, he can bring the unique perspective needed for success when purchasing real estate in Lake Tahoe, or selling other premium Tahoe properties.

Not only are Tahoe’s surroundings one of a kind, but so is the local real estate market. With over 25 years of selling Tahoe dreams, Russ knows how to help his clients get the most from their important investment. With experience as a Broker/Owner he has the resources to concentrate on your needs, so if you can’t call Tahoe home 365 days a year, he can help you turn your home into a revenue generating rental property.

Whatever your real estate needs, you can rely on Russ Baruh to bring you the expertise, marketing knowledge and investment property knowledge to make your Tahoe home sale or purchase the success that you deserve. With Russ you’ll not only find the discovery of all that Tahoe has to offer thrilling, but you’ll also Discover the Thrill of Tahoe.